What was your first computer? Specs please.

    Mine was a 16 MHz 386 with 8 colors and 2 Mb of RAM.

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    Vic 20, don't think it had specs :)

    a cell phone toshiba s300 IT IS CONSIDERED A COMPUTER

    The first Mac, 128kRAM, no hard drive, everything kept on 31/2" floppies.
    It could read and talk though.


    I never had a mac. I played with macs in middle school though.

    Headless Man

    I still have it and it works.

    dell LatD630

    My first computer was a second hand, kit built Nascom1.

    CPU was Z80 @ 2.34 MHz, 32 KB RAM, no discs.  VDU was a 12" green screen CRT, capable of running from a 12V DC PSU.  There was a huge 2KB video RAM on motherboard.

    Main storage was a standard audio cassette unit operating at 100 bps.

    Later upgrades added 8" floppies with CPM 2, a full 4 MHz Z80a @ 4 MHz and a full 64 KB RAM and a paged ROM board with 32 KB ROM chips.


    This was followed by a Tatung TPC 2000, still in loft in working condition.  Z80a @ 4 MHz and two 5.25" floppies of 710 KB each.


    I eventually sprang to 16 bit stuff with a GCOM 386 @ 33 MHz and a massive 2 MB RAM, 5.25" and 3.5" floppies with 40 MB hard drive.


    All this now seems like stone age relics but I did learn one hell of a lot about computers!

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