there is a number that calls my friends and ask for me but i call the number and they wont tell me who there is there not a law that they have to tell me who they are and what they want from me?

    there number is 901-854-5516.sorry hit the wrong key a min ago

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    I think common courtesy comes into play here more than law. Even if this is a collection call from a company you may owe money to, they should be courteous enough to tell you who they are and what they want.

    (901) 854-5516 is from Collierville, TN

    i know the number is in collierville tn but cant find out who it is ?

    No more info available that I can find without having to pay for it - sorry!
    Look up on the computer for a add on how to find a person by knowing the phone number. I can't recall the exact term but something like backwards info. u can search & find but it may be a cell phone and as of now last I heard they still don't list info on names.

    2nd how old r u? Could it be a crush too shy? Be cautious but no need to worry. Stop calling back !!!! Have friends from saying anything but "stop calling u r bothering my family".

    3rd have friends try to block his call-if they have number can get info from phone bk. or info even on computer.

    4th it is probably a bill collector. Who did u give that phone # out too? even her name-she is probably listed.
    Randy Kjelland
    Milestone Dr
    Collierville, TN

    the number was 901-854-5516 sorry hit the wrong key.

    What no vote up! ;-)

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