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    We may not agree upon what it is, but some kind of force has pushed an motivated humans towards greatness and functionality. I'm not talking about a mental strategy or idea either. It's as living as our blood, and gives us potency. Science denies it and religion declares it. Personally, I tend to believe both sides have their weak and strong points, and in many ways they compliment each other. Religious and Secular; Divine and Worldly. Some say religion is the light and science is the darkness. Some say the reverse, but it doesn't matter. At least I think so.

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    i have the attention span of a gnat. however, i think there is a good question and answer debate going on. i can go as far as ..." what's your favorite ice cream?"

    they are both extremes to a point. the science community may deny it but that is rather deliberate.

    Divine energy can be found in geometrical patterns and frequencies. Look up the flower of life and you'll see how science is not incapable of connecting the two worlds together. It's rewarding research. If i had more time and energy i would elaborate more.. but alas, i'm sick. The spiral is a divine pattern.. galaxies are spirals, and sea shells, and DNA.. and countless other things you find in nature if you look closely. It is related to prime numbers because you can create algorithms using prime numbers, and only positive numbers are prime numbers, not negatives.. negative energy can not harmonize.. it is chaos. not divine.. cess pool.


    what exactly is a cess pool? I've heard of it, but I never saw it accurately defined. Also, is that a name you are calling me, or part of the last statement?

    0 the creator,creaded,creaters,to create on earth his had no chores of comming here on earth.the bible said we are his foot stool on where we walk depenes on his will, if you believe. like a child.thy are innercent of life,just like adam and eve before thay were deceave by satan. i am not saying the bible word,for word but i am speeking from my heart. in the bible it said every time i try to think good evil thoughts are present.or every time i try to do good i do bad.why is this beleiving in God word i want to believe in my farther that he love me and i trust his word.he said he would be like a lamp upon yours, or my feet,we are his foot stud on if you want to meat someone day by day trying to die to the walk you touck to get here was God timning wecome .the spirit no the Spirit of do you want to control your walk or do you want to let God do the walking for you.

    We have done all what you see before. We may have looked different and been different but we are not doing anything that hasn’t already be done. Black holes will someday swallow us up and make mush out of everything and then sometime later new life will be born from that. Nature is nature.

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