will parts off a Ford EA sedan such as brake parts, suspension, distributer and cap? thank you

    Will these parts fit a Ford XD,XE or XF ute?I can be contacted at thank you

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    Some of the parts will fit the XF if it's a 4 litre.
    The Xd & XE are 4.1 litres.
    Brake parts should interchange.
    I think the EA had 4 wheel discs but the earlier had rear drums.
    Hope this helps.
    Aussie,Aussie Aussie,Oi,Oi,OI.
    G`day, If you have the "original" work,shop manual it should list part numbers, on the other hand if you have one of the Gregories manuals then you will get some help but no where near the genuine article. A Ford spare parts dept. say where you bought the parts should be willing to help and tell you compatability. I had XD XE &Xf sedans and my guess the XF would be sustantialy different from the XD XE. Currently have AU1 258000 clicks on original donk box shockies diff. Goes like a train couldn`t stop it with a Glock.
    what is a ford ea?
    PS the early EA's had a 3.9.The later ones had a 4.0.
    The XF generally had the same engines relating to the same year models.I THINK the first of the XF's had a 4.1.Bloody confusing hay?

    thanks again 'n yeah is a bit confusing but I guess I will sort it now
    There will be a badge on the car or the engine somewhere.If not the engine numbers or the VIN plate should tell you.

    thanks :D
    Cheers mate, I dont realy know a lot about Fords but I was given the EA & was going to fix it up I have the following brand new parts that I bought to fix up the sedan but now Im thinking of buying an XD-XE or XF ute and Im hopeing these parts will fit the ute:
    :Front & rear Rotors.
    :Front & rear Calipers.
    :front & rear Brake pads.
    :Front & rear Springs.
    :Front Strutts.
    :Rear Shockers.
    :Front wheel bearing kit.
    :Front & rear Uni joints.
    & I recently aquired an original workshop manual,
    Im not sure if my EA has a 4.0lt or 4.1 in it, how do I tell.
    any info you can help with is appreciated
    , you can reply to me here or at my Email address which is
    & again thanks

    thanks mate, very helpfull :D
    I have an Australian 1989 Ford Falcon series 2 sedan and I want to take parts from it and fit them to an Australian 1986-1988 Ford Falcon ute that I also have

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