how can you find out that the house you are about to rent is not going into foreclosure

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    Start by asking the landlord, but they might not be honest. You can also check with the property records of the city it is in, but they might only know if it is already in process.
    The only way to know for sure is to find out if there is a mortgage on the property, who it is with, and contact them and see if they will confirm things for you. None of this is easy or absolute, and I cannot of any other ways to confirm it - sorry. An attorney might be able to help by confronting the owner or getting a guarantee written into the lease to protect you - but that takes time and $.
    I assume this has happened to you before, and that sucks. Unfortunately it is a sign of the times...
    If at all possible, try to buy a place of your own to avoid this - at least prices are lower than in a long time or will be again... Good luck!

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