Name 1 thing you have done for society

    If you can't come up with anything, then what will you do?

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    I've done a lot of volunteer work. It's very rewarding because people are so appreciative.

    Raised three productive children!!!

    I obey driving laws and don't steal.

    I've stayed out of politics.

    terryfossil 1

    Yippee Tom..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    I have remained sober,,society has not had to put up with my antics anymore..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    I let old people help me acroos the road,Then show my appreciation by doing a back flip and a double somersault,



    I help by sending money to disaster victims.


    t.u, put your money where your mouth is.

    Worked in a soup kitchen.


    i did this ... but just at christmas when everybody else had the same idea. i'll do better. congratultions, vet.

    i answered this but it doesn't seem to show. i worked in a soup kitchen at xmas when EVERYBODY else worked there. i will do better next time.

    Voted and still vote also have done some social work.

    I not only vote (it is compulsory here)but I carefully assess the candidates and their platform before voting. I have a gorgeous accredited Therapy dog that I take to a Aged care Facility each week to bring some sunshine.


    /i work very hard thats enough society dont give me nothing


    I work with the public and I make people laugh, feel beautiful and help them see the positive side of life. There is no point telling anyone the deeds one has done as it takes the meaning out of doing it when one starts to boast. We all do something in either small or great ways sometimes without even realizing we have done it.I would hope that those of us that often share our deeds of kindness are only doing so to hopefully influence others to think the same way.Just remember that one small act of kindness can mean the world to someone.

    Served in the Household Cavalry (Blues & Royals) for 10 years.

    You a cad,hernhaw,the royal horse is the regment,
    Kept myself out of jail.
    the community college was going to drop the early childhood education program and i worked very hard to keep it. i won. i then took two years of that study.

    I just answered this question friend.

    What more do you want?

    Used to work on peoples cars for free.That's why I'm poor now.

    ed shank

    I know what your saying. Never, ever tell anyone you know anything about a car, you will be hounded from that point on. I build big horsepower engines as a hobby, but they still come to my place for a brake job.

    Paid lots and lots of taxes

    The sage does without doing. In a faulty system many efforts may be folly; though if you are in a position to change things then make use of it, otherwise live a true life and allow yourself to send and receive divine powerful love. Guilt is fear.

    I was born


    i always try to make every one i speak to smile as they leave me...on a really good day they are laughing with me

    I vote every opportunity, served 24 years in the US Army, and devote all I can to animmal protection services.

    When I was a kid an older gentlemen called me a "Menace to Society", does that count?



    Thank YOU, TSC!!!! I'm sure everyone around you will appreciate that! Lol


    And society too lol

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