who could tell me whether or not a vehicle inspectorate person doing random checks on the road was entitled to insist that I allow him to see inside the back of my van ?

    I was asked to pull into a car park by the police in my renault van which I drive as a private car , the car park was an organised inspection point for Dept of transport (vosa) checking the road worthyness of the vehicle and after seeing my tyres and lights were ok he insisted I open up the rear doors so he could see inside the back. I was annoyed and refused saying this was a raod safety check and no a investigation into what I was carrying- he claimed he had a right to insist and i asked him under what act?? he couldnt answer me that - I allowed hom to see in the back under duress and said I would seek advice as to whether or not he infringed my human rights !!!! can you shed any light on the matter ???

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    Since he was D.O.T., they have the same rights as police officers. They can check your vehicle under the reasonable suspicion law.

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