how to get free ac coins

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    * Get the AQ BattleBar and do searches and earn them for free.
    'free way to earn the money' Spend time on PTC sites. is one of the ones that has been tried and worked. You can click something, go to another tab, and wait 30 seconds, close the advertisement, click on another, go do something else, etc. It can take awhile to earn money, but any PTC site that offers more money is probably a scam.

    * If you don't want to be frauded, you can go to Ballyhoo, who has about a 5% chance of dropping 5 ac coins per watched advertisement. you can watch 10 ads for US members and 5 for foreign

    * Do the AExtras

    * You can also do offers on the AQ site. This will let you earn coins by downloading toolbars, buying stuff, and doing surveys. and hacks

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