Is race important to you?

    I know religion is a sore subject, but so is race. I don't have a problem with skin color, but I don't have any black friends or those of any other race but white. I did in the military though, but that was a forced scenario. What are your thoughts on race?

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    I didn't grow up with any other race but white, never saw a black person tell I was 17 but I don't have any problem with any race. We all bleed red blood. We all have the same organs, why should being Black, Hawaiian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican or any other race make a difference just because on the outside we think their different? Maybe they think we are different! Ever thought of that!!!


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    Yay.. Cuddles...


    Kudos for you Cuddles0514, I give you a thumbs up for your comment.

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    Race IS important to me and I have looked at the other comments, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Personally I don't discuss Race, Politics and Religion because they are touchy subjects, but RACE IS important to me, some things that were said I didn't agree with but I respect everyone opinions.


    Kudos to you, well said. TU!!!

    While there are people who are completely color blind, I don’t believe that everyone looks at it that way. I don’t consider it a big deal at all today.

    My question to you, Mindblade16 - Why did you feel it was a "forced scenario" to be among other races, besides whites? Did you not know before you joined the military, that it was more than one ethic group?


    It was, good to see you acknowledge that!!!


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    Ok, maybe that was a bad example


    Great observation Pamela, I'm glad you asked that question. Thumbs Up for you.

    Good people come in all shapes, colors , and sizes.


    Zorro, I agree 100%.

    Its not what you look like its whats inside that counts

    I'm a mix myself, I live in a mixed society, and my partners so far have all had darker skin than me. I hope I don't only believe I don't care, but that I really don't. I consider that the more colours there are, the richer humankind is. What kind of a monotonous world would this be if we all looked the same? We'd miss out on an amazing wealth of beauty.


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    Spaceghost and Pamela TU!


    Papitou, I couldn't agree with you more,that more colors makes mankind richer and we have a wealth of beauty. Thumbs Up for you my friend.

    I think people are people regardless of skin color. The only real thing that separates people is culture and traditions. We are all human. We all feel and we all bleed.

    To answer your question, skin color doesn't matter to me. Even UMPA-LUMPA orange (from another topic question) , lol

    i think the ultra rich lol everytime they see an act of racism. they think that energy could have been spent getting back what we have stolen from them.think how you are going to eplain your racism to your maker one day. good luck on that.

    Not at all!

    I remember in the corp we were all green grunts to wing wipers

    Help me with this: I'm serious, Is there only 3 races White of cacauasian,negro black,and yellow mogoloid ?

    papa peg

    Don't forget the redman.


    You meant white caucasoid?

    Race is never an issue for me. I value people on individual basis.

    No I don't have any problem with different races.I have a blood brother who's black.

    No,I could of been black,because I'm a Trini (Trinidad)

    I respect people for their race and I don't judge!


    Very good.

    JDB is spot on

    It only matters to the people at the top that have used it for thousands of years to divide and conquer, and the people that believe there programming. Without it/religion/money there power would be gone.

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