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    If you had your own Corporation, what services would you provide and which ones would you use? Who would you want on your board of directors? How many employees would you need? Where would you get start-up capital?

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    I would start a business and only hire people over 50, since they are the most discrimated against, especially unemployed workers. I would get them all together from every walk of business, and cooperatively start a business according to what they would want to produce. The only way I can see getting capital for this would be through a government grant. It would obviously be very successful with all of the experience on board.

    Starting a business takes a lot of energy, incorporating your business is just a benefit the IRS allows you to separate yourself from your business a liability protection. What you decide to provide will determined the type of employees that would best suit your cooperation to grow. Your business plan is the door to receiving a loan or investment monies into your business, there are banks, Grants, VA loans and other government loans you could try for, but the initial monies will mostly come from you or your parents. Remember "locations, locations, locations!" What you market must have something in common with your business location. You want to hire people over fifty is fine as long it does not involve heavy lifting or your workers compensation insurance will fly sky high, so think wisely and go for it.

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