I'm 65 y.old and I'm working with med.ins.Need to get medicare part A or not?

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    my understanding is Part A is your hospitalization automatically after you sign up for SS. That's when you get Part A. The other parts depend on your insurance coverage from your former job, etc. It depends on other factors. Did you go to the SS office yet or do you fall in the "baby boomer" category and must wait till your older? SS can answer your question more specifically.
    My advice to you is to stay away from all these prescribed medicines for cholesterol,diabetes, high blood pressures, depression etc. They are poison. Research has found that cholesterol lowering drugs cause Alzheimer's. Since the introduction of cholesterol lowering drugs at the same time Alzheimer's cases sky rocketed. The brain is made up of fats/cholesterol and these cholesterol drug shrink the brain. Chemo drugs are the biggest scam. This in itself is murder. Cancer does not kill you. The chemo and radiation and surgery does. I wouldn't worry about part A. First of all you should be taking care of yourself so you do not have to use these medical treatments.

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