A bit of High Magick. Try it?

    The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram:

    1. Touching the forehead, say "Ateh (Unto Thee)."

    2. Touching the breast, say Malkuth (The Kingdom)."

    3. Touching the right shoulder, say "ve-Geburah (and the Power)."

    4. Touching the left shoulder, say "ve-Gedulah (and the Glory),

    5. Clasping the hands upon the breast, say "le-Olahm, Amen (To the Ages, Amen)."

    6. Turning to the East, make a pentagram (that of Earth) with the proper weapon (usually the Wand). Say (i.e. vibrate) "IHVH" (Ye-ho-wau*).

    7. Turning to the South, the same, but say "ADNI" (Adonai).

    8. Turning to the West, the same, but say "AHIH" (Eheieh).

    9. Turning to the North, the same, but say "AGLA" (Agla).

    10. Extending the arms in the form of a cross say:

    11. "Before me Raphael;

    12. Behind me Gabriel;

    13. On my right hand Michael;

    14. On my left hand Auriel;

    15. For about me flames the Pentagram,

    16. And in the Column stands the six-rayed Star."

    17. until xxi. Repeat steps (i) to (v), the "Qabalistic Cross."

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    have you tried it?

    4 Answers

    Personally, I think you are sitting at home laughing your butt off.

    What is this supposed to do? Whatever you do, don't summon dark spirits or elder gods. Banishing rituals don't always work. Have to know what you're doing for one, and you have to be stupid to do it in the first place.

    No I wouldnt want to try it.Magick,I do know can be very powerful and should never be used without real need and knowledge and certainly not for the sake of it.There are many different forms of Magick practised by followers of the 'Old Ways' whether it's Witchcraft,Paganism,semi religious teachings of many origins with their own beliefs and rituals so unless you have a solid grounding in the uses and dangers of Magick then don't dabble with it.The way it manifests itself has a strong link with the teachings you follow and personally I'm not wholly sure what the active force or power is that allows it to have an impact on the physical world but I know from dabbling myself that it has real power and it can backfire nastily if it's not properly understood and directed.So be warned you want to use it then learn how to,why it works and understand that the morals behind it's use truly matter and colour it's outcome

    mind blowing

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