how to find code on ford f 250 diesel when i undid the battery cables before finding out code

    ford service engine son light came on and i went about 1 mile before it shut down and will not crank, I bought fuel pump and put on and undid battery cables now i can't get code to fild out what is wrong. replaced fuel pump, positioning sensor,crank shaft sensor. help.

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    It really depends on the year of your vehicle. If '96 or later, the universal OBD2 diagnostic system WILL save the fault code even though the battery was disconnected. Prior years are vehicle specific. Have the vehicle checked for codes at the dealer, or, if post '96, for free at places like Autozone.
    One other thing I just remembered: I THINK this applies to diesels, but am not positive. Either way, the computer will have SOME way of telling you what it wrong.
    Also - were the parts you replaced (sensors especially) replaced BEFORE you had the problem, or in response to it?
    Start with the simple and obvious first and then narrow it down. Since it will not crank at all, it is likely something to with the starter system rather than computer/sensor issues. Unless, of course, the computer and its inputs are preventing cranking to protect itself from a bad problem it has detected. Unlikely, but possible. Good luck; I feel for you.

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