how to replace the left upper ball joint

    how to replace the left upper ball joint 2001 3500 Dodge p/van

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    Not an easy job, since you will likely need special tools and have an alignment done afterwords. You should be able to find specific directions by googling it, or by finding a repair manual (buy it or check the library - but it will be on the internet somewhere).
    At the least, you will need a "pickle fork" to separate the joint, and do not forget to mark where the old one was so you can put the new one in the same place when replacing or screwing it on (hence the alignment issue). Consider having a shop do it due to the tools needed, the potential danger, difficulty (these can be a BITCH and may require a torch to heat it up), and the alignment. You don't want to replace it only to mess up the steering/alignment - making it potentially dangerous and chewing your tires to hell.
    You will also have to check if the ball joint damaged the part it connects to (forget the name). It is a precise cone-shaped and lubed connection, and must fit perfectly for the steering to work correctly. Good luck; I hope it works out for you without too much expense, time, and aggravation.

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