How do I stop cat chasing,killing and eating flies?

    Would squirting a water pistol at her stop her.

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    No, squirting a water pistol at her would be traumatic for her. Leave her be. Let her catch and eat them. It will not harm her to eat them. Cat's have an instinct to hunt. If all she can hunt is flies, then let her do it.

    Yes. It could be birds, which would upset you, or mice... or a few tasty rats.
    My cats do this too, so if you find a way to make her/ him avoid eating flies, let me know. They do it sometimes when I'm in another room. I hear a lot of commotion, then I look at my cat, and she/ he is scooping up a fly, and much to my horror, she gulps it down. I know flies carry a disease, but this far, my cats have not been sick. I try not to let flies in the house. Next time I see one, I'll kill it with a fly swatter. They eat spiders, too. My stray cat was eating crickets and grasshoppers.

    Check with your vet. I'm betting he/she will tell you the same, eating a few flies is not going to harm your cat.
    I would say get rid of the cat and keep the flies.
    If you don't want a fly-catching cat, ship it to me :-)

    Gold beyond price... if he/she gets a wasp, apply ice. In the throat... vet, fast.
    You can't.

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