How to grow canabis via hydrophonics

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    You are a pair of crooks... and be warned. Try growing cannabis indoors and one of two things will happen.

    A police helicopter will spot the heat you require is 20 times that of a normal household, raid and arrest you.

    Your house will burn down, and if you've smoked your produce you could be in it.

    Growing in a field hidden among hops is likely to be a back-breaking job to harvest, which would serve the pair of you rig

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    you might head to the woods look for a non flooding bank on the wast side of a swamp. plant your stash there it gets all of the morning sun, none of the hot afternoon sun, plenty of water and is pretty well hidden from arieal observation. just watch out for the really big snakes, gators and bubba with the green teeth!
    iwould ditch the hydro method all together - harvestthe hops and make my own beer- what a rush

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