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    Marry for FEP....Future Earning Potential, oh and love also.
    Marry the one that cooks and can operate a vacuum cleaner and the other machines in the house. This is not intended to be funny. Marrying a woman who is a slob and can't cook properly is a big problem. I've been in homes where there's shit laying all over the place, you can't see the furniture, counter tops or floors. The kids are unkempt as well. Amazing what some men will put up with.
    Which one are you more compatible with, have the same interests and likes.
    My first question is how the heck did you get into a situation like this one. Are you seeing both at the same time and lying to them. If so this is a relationship that has begun with dishonesty and the truth always comes out in the end. I am thinking that when this comes won't have to make a choice between them,it will be made for you.If I am off base, I do apologize for being so abrupt but this situation sucks for all three of you if I am right.

    TU mom. I should have this guys problems. ;)

    First, 100% agreement with you, Mom

    Second, TSC you are a reformed character AND married.
    Just asking this question indicates to me that you probably should not marry either of them. You're not ready. When the right one comes along you'll know it. There shouldn't be any doubt.
    If you don't know, then neither of them deserve to be landed with you.

    Marriage is about love, committment...

    You are not a child wonderinf which cookie to eat,
    Ms Sinclair

    You got that right.
    Ask one of them to marry you.If she says NO then go ask the second ugliest girl in the room.
    Well, whom do you love? Or is this an arranged marriage. If it is arranged then pick the good-looking one.
    Choose the girl that you love, and willing, ready, and able to share a long-term commitment with.
    just wait 3-4 month...
    Pick the one you know more about,and have more in common with,and also who loves you for you.

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