evidene that ice ages are happening

    how many ice ages happend and are ice ages happening right now and how may already happpened

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    Creation Science Rebuttal
    Answers in Genesis
    Ice Ages

    by Greg Neyman

    © Answers In Creation

    First Published 1 April 2003

    For many years the young earth creation science community has argued that the one single ice age occurred as a result of the aftermath of Noah’s Flood. While it is obvious that the recent Ice Age deposited sediments that are on top of all the ancient rock layers, what is not so obvious is the periods of glaciation which occurred in the geologic past.1

    They have made an attempt to explain these away. Michael Oard (a meteorologist) has an article on the young earth creation science website Answers In Genesis, claiming that these ancient deposits are submarine debris flows. He is right in that one geologist thinks the Bigganjargga is a debris flow. However, it’s poor science for a meteorologist to assume that this can translate to ALL ancient glacial deposits. He does not address the others. If he had evidences against the rest, he would definitely write about them. Instead, he has only weak evidence which can plainly be interpreted by a geologist as being glacial or non-glacial. This lack of evidence speaks volumes to the weakness of his conclusions.

    History of Indian Trail Caverns and Sheridan Cave

    Formed during the last Ice Age, the great glaciers pushed tons of ice, snow, dirt and rock across the landscape, south from Canada. Melting water rushed down through the ground and created underground glacial rivers that carved out the caverns. In 1927, the ground opened up during an earthquake and revealed the caverns hidden below. The name Indian Trails comes from the fact that the caverns are part of a network of caves that were used by the Wyandot Indians. Cave drawings can be seen on the ceiling near what is called the Indian Council Chamber, as well as stone ladder entrances and several smoke holes. Natural skylights provided light into the caverns, which at their deepest now are about 4 stories underground.

    Read more at Suite101: Indian Trail Caverns in Ohio: A Journey to the Ice Age and Look into the Future |
    I live on Vancouver Island B.C. and let me tell feels like the ice age is here. I got up this morning and it was only 3 when usually at this time of the year we are at about 12 in the early morning. I was at the beach the other day and found literally thousands of tiny baby crab dead covering the shore line. It's too cold and things just aren't surviving.

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