is a.a. the best way to stop drinking

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    any way that works is the best way.. but without doubt "aa' seems to be the most effective way to date. the twelve step program can be applied to any addiction at that matter. you've already taken the first step weather you realize it or not!
    Got a DUI many years ago and was court ordered to go to AA, the program is a God send for some. For me it wasn't, I never gave up drinking but I don't drive blasted anymore. The fine, AA program costs, surcharges to DMV, and surcharges to insurance company, and lawyer costs was 10K, first offense.
    For most people, yes. It holds you responsible for your actions, which is difficult to do on your own.
    A.A. is a great program, and a great support system. If U can quit on your own, as I have after 40 years (cigarettes to) I think this would be outstanding.
    the only way to stop drinking is to not take another drink. nothing else is going to work until you are willing to do this. period. -purplegreenindy@Rlyn

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