This is not a question. It is an answer to the question about the N-word, answered so much the answers no longer show unless you turn to page 2

    It is the reason why racial abuse is a NO, on this site or anywhere else.

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    I started to type this as a comment to Paula... I think it deserves a wider audience.
    During WW2 Coventry Cathedral, in the UK, was destroyed by bombs. In the ruins lay two roof timbers in the shape of a cross. We have a new cathedral but, beside it, is the Chapel of Unity.
    The chapel is completely interdenominational and it was built with gifts from all five continents. The floor is patterned in the shape of a star to represent that. On the wall are the timbers, still in the shape of a cross, and the words “Father Forgive”.
    The litany includes words about racial hatred... it divides people from people, race from race.

    where is the 2nd page?

    At the bottom of the first, if you scroll down that far and click on next. I didn't think anybody would so I put the story here instead.
    This has sunk out of sight!
    I'm not sure what's wrong with the question, I was notified that you left comments, but couldn't find them. Maybe the question is too full and the site doesn't have the memory capacity? I'll ask akaQA admin? You can recreate the question if you'd like?

    I don't know what happened to comments. There's nothing wrong with your question. It just provoked more than 30 answers, + a whole lot of comments. It pushed it onto a second page. They are perfectly readable IF you take the trouble to plough through, or scroll down over, the lot to the bottom, and click on NEXT. I didn't see much point in putting something I wanted read in such an unlikely spot, that's all. It was a good question and there were some valid arguments for an against... some if them really opened up the subject. There were also a few, mostly very short, that bordered on racial abuse without making any point at all. As I said, I began to write an answer to what I felt was the nastiset, least "to the point" answer there, and decided it wasn't worth the time. Whether there will be much interest in it this way is debateable. A few people have voted it up but 20 views in 3 hours isn't brilliant. There may be more as the working Americans come on site. I would be surprised if some of the regular religion-debaters don't have something to say. They usually tear me to shreds on religion :-)

    Maybe they are tired of you dog face Christians trying to save them, kidding of coarse. Well, I'm glad it's still working. Thanks.
    So-o-o, what about the "N" word? I believe that was your question to begin with...every thing else sounds rather "rambling" instead of us trying to get a grip on what you are really asking/saying we start to kind of attack each other...not a good thing! (:

    @ole hipster - leeroy has a similar question. Check it out!!!
    ole hipster

    Thanks IamPamela for your response...I will check out leeroys answer as I do always respect his very wise and true to the heart opinions..such as your own!

    I don't mind you unvoting me ole hipster if you changed your mind, but I would like to know why.

    leeroy provoked a huge debate on racist issues and a lot of it was very interesting. Predictably there were a few comments that were plain racist rather than just differing opinions, but nothing that wasn't either slapped down by somebody else, or ignored.

    The one I felt was unacceptable was Paula's. It was very short, nasty, and made no contribution to the discussion. I wanted to answer her in a way I hoped might make her think... at least to do more than snap off nastiness whatever her view, if she has one.

    There were many answers that widened the dicussion to include more than what leeroy called "the n-word". Some I knew, though I wouldn't use them... others i didn't but the writers weren't suggesting they were used. Just that racist names, and therefore racism, was a worldwide problem.

    My story of the Chapel of Unity was intended to show the good side... what nations from all five continents came together to do in memory of all those who died in WW2, which is why it is open to anyone of any religion.

    When I had posted it I had trouble finding, the reaction had been so huge to leeroy's original question. I thought that was a pity so I started a new thread where people could see it. Unfortunately leeroy misunderstood... he thought something technical had gone wrong. I explained to him that it hadn't and everything is fine between us.

    All I meant when i sent the new thread to people I thought might be interested when I said "ignore leeroy's comments" was not to worry about HIS worry that there was a technical fault when there wasn't... not that anybody should ignore what he said in his question that started it all. If I gave you that impression, I apologise. It wasn't intentional.

    If you look above fia's comment you will see two answers to me from leeroy, on either side of my explanation of what I was doing and why. You can see the last thing HE is, is upset.

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