How long can you stay awake?

    Sleep is for the weak..

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    I stayed awake for 4 days when I was 21, it was a bet between my friends. I'm sure you could stay awake longer if you tried. The strange thing is after the third day, everything seemed like a dream, even seconds after someone said something, it was like an echo. I began to ask my self what did so and so say and did they really say something or did I just imagine they said something? It was really strange, dreamlike in nature. The only good thing was I won some money, and I got to sleep for about two days after that.

    It depends if naturally or chemically induced. I have stayed up 17 days back in the day with a group of 6 of us. I lasted 2nd longest, 20 days was the record out of all 6. Naturally 62 hrs a little over 2.5 days. I do not recommend either one.

    I once stayed up for 36 hours it was anightmare.

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