tingling in fingers

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    Problem with circulation, call doctor for advice.

    went to doctor said i could of slept on my hand feels worst i had this for almost a month and he didn't give me anything

    Sorry to hear that it's been going on that long. Seems to me that you could have slept on them but it would NOT have lasted a month. I would almost be willing to ask for a referral to a specialist (perhaps heart dr.) My Mom had the issue after having a stroke. Doesn't mean you have, but the dr. might tell you why the circulation is bad to your hands. You don't have carpal tunnel from repetitive motion do you?
    Pain, tingling, numbness in hands, if due to poor circulation, would most likely start in the feet first. A common cause of pain and tingling in the hands is carpel tunnel nerve impingement. The nerve running through the "carpel tunnel" is a tight fit, and if it gets inflamed even a little bit, it becomes a tad swollen and then has too tight of a fit, and so the nerve fires off these signals of discomfort. If left untreated for long enough permanent injury to the nerve can occur. The first treatment for this is the most conservative: wrist splints, available at grocery stores and pharmacies for less than 15 dollars each, will keep the wrists straight enough to let the nerve heal, while still allowing you to do most daily functions. Remove the splints for showering and bathing and washing dishes. Wash the splints every week and allow to air dry. If 4 weeks of WEARING the splints AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE does not help, then you need to revisit the doctor. This time go to a different doctor. Meanwhile, a little extra relief can be had from taking 2 Aleve or Advil, IFYOU AREN'T ALLERGIC TO THEM AND IF THEY AREN'T CONTRADICTED WITH YOUR OTHER MEDICINES: CALL A PHARMACIST FOR FREE ADVISE ABOUT THIS. Best of luck to you- I hope you feel better soon.

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