if police stop u and u give him your driver lincense,canhe ask for your ssn,date of birth etc.

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    I'm presuming this a traffic stop. If a police officer ask you for unnecessary information, that's a red flag, that's when you should have ask for his/her badge number. Nine times out of 10, you are not dealing with law enforcement.

    BTW, Why did you get stopped by a police officer? Were you driving, or walking while under the influence of drugs or alcohol? If you were walking a police officer can ask you for ID, but, not to that extreme.
    Your date of birth is on your license, so that is just an identity verification. There is no reason for him/her to ask for your SSN, and you can say you don't give it out for identity theft reasons.
    There are basically three ways to assign a driver's license number to an individual. The first way is by using a sequential number, the second is by using the person's social security number, and the third is by using a computer generated number. Some states also use your personal data to assign your driver's license number which can include the date of your birth.

    So it may not be illegal for an officer to ask for your SS number and date of birth since it is legal for states to use them as all of or part of a drivers license number.
    There are no laws that I’m aware of that require you to provide a police officer with your Social Security Number (SSN). Generally speaking, a U.S. Supreme Court decision in 2004 allowed police to arrest you for failure to tell them your name, even if you have done nothing wrong. But the court stopped short of requiring you to produce identification without probable cause to believe a crime has been committed.

    Generally, the US Constitution allows everyone to walk the streets without carrying ID. However, there are reasonable exceptions. For example, every state requires you to produce your driver’s license while operating a motor vehicle. But when it comes to your SSN, there is no law requiring you to either carry your SSN with you or to memorize it. Indeed, there are good reasons for not keeping your SSN in your wallet. For example, if your wallet is lost or stolen, your SSN can potentially be used by an identity thief to access your credit card account information.

    So your best recourse against both police who ask for it and anybody else who asks for it without a legal basis for doing so is to say, “I’m sorry, I don’t remember.”

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