What policies would you recommend to these countries, assuming their desire to achieve a sustainable society?

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    Which countries, and what does 'sustainable' mean?



    Thank You! When I think of 'sustainable' I think of growing veggies, raising animals (to eat), learning skills etc.
    Which countries, and to which type of policies do you refer? Economic, law, taxes, social programs, etc.? There are MANY options and all usually depend on the prevailing political philosophy of the people and/or leaders - and that countries individual needs and situation.
    Law and order usually comes first, so hopefully all citizens are treated fairly and the same - and there is recourse for wrongdoing. Then should come some sort of economic development to create jobs, wealth, and a tax base for which to run the basic services of the government.
    From there it is wide open depending on what your definition of a "sustainable society" is... Hopefully though, it is based on freedom and individual rights, and not having one person or group hold too much power over others (democracy, etc.).
    Is this a test question you are trying to answer or something like that? The question is way to broad to answer in specifics, but good luck and keep asking questions. The answers are almost never absolute or universal, since the particular countries factors and specific goals are not defined. And people never agree on the solutions. Welcome to politics!

    Consider the population situation in Italy or Germany; very low birth rates, an aging population, and eventual decline in overall numbers.

    Do not create a global alliance and go back to using their own money. Now Germany owns Europe.

    People go to the streets and protest that governments are not spending or doing enough but no one goes to the streets when then spend too much and do too much. Our forefathers around the world new of this kind of thinking. Do and spend only what you need. but that is going to be very painful for many places.

    Study a successful commune.  Everyone works and everyone shares in the wealth.  Those whose work is physically harder or needs more education to be successful are compensated more than others.  Plant crops, raise meat animals.  Rules are for everyone, no exceptions. Personally, I would add a place of worship. 

    " Create a (Global Alliance)."

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