Black Magick

    Magick is applying energy with intent directly, where as prayer uses that energy to make requests to whatever god you choose to believe in. Many say there are different kinds, and one is Black Magick.

    This can be construed as Magick that helps only yourself, or that hurts others. But the recoil on those actions causes you to suffer bad karma.

    Are you willing to pay the price?

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    sometimes when life is all down on me, i also think of doing those stuff, and also trying drugs and stuff, but in the end i always back out and let time heal me, then the next morning i wake up and thank god i didn't do 'those' stuff.

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    Magic is based on belief and denial. Both show you whatever you believe and deny in accordance with the strength of your commitment. Such perceptions are tricks you play on yourself to show yourself that whatever you believe and deny is you it seems so, and therefore you become committed to the dreamworld you made up. When I revoked my beliefs and denials I started seeing many things very differently than I had. The world we live in changed so much that to me this is Heaven.

    no no and no. Magick, actual real black magic is; 1. a product of the mind; science, language, alchemy and anything physical or material used in order to fulfill a desire, and 2. summoning dark spirits to perform tasks for you which seems like magick. the bad karma is self evident when you deal with forces that have such low vibrations. In ancient times science an black magick were the same thing and they were not separate, even up until the late 1800's and early 1900's with Aleister Crowley leading the underworld movement of magicians they still lumped in science with black magick.

    Prayer is not magic, it is harmony with the cosmos. It would be completely incorrect to refer to prayer as black magick, whether you believe in God or not.. it makes no difference. The universe answering your call is a part of life, not magick.

    What you are talking about in Witchcraft,Paganism and other users of Magick is the Law of Three or the Law of Attraction which states that whatever you put out into the world will come back on you three fold so clearly if you use Magick for evil,negative or selfish reasons you run the real risk of paying a high price.Both prayer and the use of Magick are ritulised ways of focus your desire and tapping into universal energy,collective unconcious to influence your desires and make them happen.It may sound like New Age crap but I know myself that focusing real intent can bring about what you wish but also you better be careful what you wish for cos you may just get it.Ever read the Monkey's Paw !!!!
    I spose use of Magick for the wrong reasons may be Black but really Black Magic is Satanism n grew out of Christianity having no connection with Witchcraft/Paganism !!!!

    Love is the answer Love is the Real MagickLove and Light will set you Free

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