corect engine rotaion for a cummings 4B3.9-P engine

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    Generally engines run clockwise when viewed from the front of the crankshaft/engine block. Certain years and other specific Honda engines, and possibly other obscure applications, ran the other way - but are now following the norm (going from memory).
    However, these (and almost all) engines will only run in one direction, and you should be able to tell in a number of ways - like markings on the crankshaft, timing marks, etc.
    To be sure, can you engage the starter or push the vehicle to see which way it turns? Or do you have access to a repair manual? Or check which direction turning the trans input shaft, or even the differential, will move the vehicle forward. Is the engine in the vehicle or standing free (like you are rebuilding/repairing it?
    If you can get to the place where a socket/wrench can manually rotate the engine (front crank bolt, accessories, etc., you should be able to figure it out. And again it is very likely clockwise...
    Good luck.

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