how can you not laugh?

    i love interacting with all you people.its fun and interresting to see all differant walks of life

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    phangerblue...Why is it so important to be able to spell. Mostly it is a typing error. I have a problem at times with spelling. Its nothing to do with being clever. I know lots of clever people who cant spell
    I agree with you 100% Daren1...I would love to get on my motor bike and do a tour just to meet some of you in person. I have to say there are a few that seem a little off but thats what makes the world keep spinning;)
    I can't stop laughing.
    This site is a pisser. Some really funny people out there. I need to set an alarm when I get on. Time flies here and it has on more than one occasion made me late for a chore or project.
    Sometimes funny sometimes scary.
    Imagine that!!!
    Yes I truly enjoy laughing and trying to make people laugh. Laugher after all is the best medicine.
    Sorry to say this Daren, But i Laugh at most of your answers all the time, your just a funny guy overall :) remember i said most not all ;)
    Go scuba diving...

    I'll leave that project to you me I would rather stay above ground for the time.
    I can't survive without laughter! And, I do get some here alright!

    True, it's a great site!
    Laughter releases endorphins which really make the world go round

    yes your quite right!
    By having surgery and removing your laugh box (yes its a real thing).
    If there is something worth laughing about, the only way someone would not laugh, is if there is a dire pressing issue that a person feels cannot be overcome. They will hurt. That kind of pain is hard to laugh through.

    Your sister,

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