The God dillemma

    There always seems to be a big fuss when someone uses the G word. Christians avidly and confidently, almost to the point of arrogance, rant on about their stern belief in the god of the bible. Atheists can be just as opinionated, and use science and reason as their weapon. The Muslims are also very angry about anything that isn't their culture/religion to the point of threatening people. God seems to be a touchy subject, and no side seems to agree on it. Even Christians are divided amongst themselves because they interpret the bible in different ways. You say Jesus is the one path. You say Mohammed is the one path. You say that science is the way of the world. Why can't we just agree to disagree? This war of ideas gets tiresome after a while. Everyone wants their own faith to rule the world, but diversity is one of the things that makes our world a better place to live. God is God. Call it whatever you want, but don't call others stupid or damned because they believe differently from you. History and even the present teaches us that holy crusades and wars hurt and kill in the name of an idea. People shouldn't have to die because of an idea. People should not be ridiculed because of an idea. What do you think about all of this?

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    Speaking from a Christian perspective, I can agree to disagree but I cannot agree that all roads lead to heaven. Most religions will sternly defend their faiths. Even atheist sternly defend their faith that their is no God.

    Jesus was the first to die for Christianity. He preached love God and love each other, no matter who they are. He preached feed and cloth the poor. He preached forgive absolutely everytime another has offended you. He preached do good to them who hate you and bless them who curse you and dispitefully use you. Jesus preached love, love, love and they yelled CRUCIFY HIM!

    Now who would you say preached a wonderful loving religion? The Jews who yelled kill him? The Muslims who yell kill the infidels? The atheist who yell shut up Christian?

    What did Jesus do that would cause you to reject Him and His teachings?

    Grit Savage

    everytime a "christian" promotes/preaches it always comes with an underlying threat!


    I don't believe you can be forced into religion,maybe as a child,but it is a choice one has to make on their own,you cant force an adult into that.I don't see heaven or hell as a threat,more of a choice, as much a choice as choosing to follow the laws or be threatened with prison,the same concept follows religion,ultimately in the end it is your choice.Living without rules is bad for your health,and freedom and can also in the end,once it's all said and done, be bad for your soul.(Jesus is love)


    It's that kind of attitude that I'm talking about. It is in your bible to spread the word of your god and to be fishers of men, but I believe the idea that something is wrong with people who don't join your faith is not good. You, as well as other mainstream religions, are designed to conquer people, and you have. You can't just accept people for who they are, you have to convert them or ridicule them for not converting. I believe that a person should come to yours or any faith, by their own curiousity and free will, not because they were obligated and threatened by society with ideas of hell.


    and BTW, heaven or hell is not a choice or free will. Its a threat.

    Headless Man

    No threat, Jesus said to love, my church says love them until they ask why. LOVE, Randy


    Jesus did not die for Christianity, he was not a christian, but was born, lived and died a Jew
    Religion is made to be confusing deliberately by the one who is the great Deceiver and liar Satan the Devil. He makes it confusing and argumentative on purpose because like most wicked people he knows he's going to be destroyed very shortly and he wants to take as many of us with him as he can. He wants to cause dissention, he does not want you to know the clear cut easy to follow direction that God gives us to find the truth that will save our life. He is the one who has caused us to loose our lives from the very beginning, with Adam and Eve; and his purpose has not changed. That is why out of love for us God sent his son to ransom us from the sentence of death and to restore all things according to his original purpose for mankind. The Bible is Gods rescue manual for all of us to study and to learn of his requirements for the opportunity to gain everlasting life and to live in a peaceful world where there is no longer war, food shortages,corruption,murder, death. At John 17:3 God tells us how to start using his Book and what the end result will be if we do.

    You ask a good question. Do you think it is the Bible verses that cut, hurt, or offend people?
    I think that maybe it. There is a question asked if you are Christian you draw from what you believe to be the wisdom of God. the bible. If you are a Humanist you draw from your belief in scientific fact or theory. If you are Islamic you draw your wisdom from the Koran. Most of us draw from our experiences in life and from our faiths.

    Does this offend people of different faiths, or no beliefs, maybe it does? When someone puts a bible verse on the screen that says all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, etc., does that mean to you that you are going to hell? The thing is, that's just the Bibles answer, that person doesn't say,"You are going to burn." The bible says it. Most of the Christians say things in love from what I have seen. Maybe it is the meaning you are getting from the Bible that is offending you? I didn't think that fog's answer was offensive. Yet it looked like someone was offended.

    I have seen Christians mocked and God mocked just as much as any other group on this website. Maybe it was the last line of Fog's comment? But it was a question, not damnation. Maybe some people don't want to be saved and that's great like you said. But,it seems to me like the Bible offends some people and that's o.k. Just like other peoples opinions and viewpoints may offend Christians or other groups.

    I hope everyone can get along and agree to disagree when its all out there. Sometimes it's just the way we interpret what someone posted, sometimes we misunderstand, and sometimes we just disagree. Like Mindblade said,"diversity is one of the things that make our world great."

    Headless Man

    If someone is offended by the BIBLE it's because it's speaking them.LOVE Randy

    Headless Man

    "to" them. forgot a world.

    God is having a dillemma???????? I think not I think it is most on site that try to force their beliefs on others.

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