what dose steep mean?

    cover a tea bag and steep.

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    Small little "naps" you take during the day. Dosing is a sign of fatigue or lack of sleep. Not harmful unless your occupation requires you be AWAKE. Like a Pilot, Train operator or AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLER to name a few. ;)

    I did A LOT of dosing when I worked for the POST OFFICE. ;)

    Wow, I definatley read this question wrong.
    NEVER MIND. :(

    HAHAHA LOL Sorry TSC buts that's just funny.. hehe gonna get a laugh for a while.
    It is the term used to describe soaking a tea bag in hot water
    To soak or saturate.
    In wholistic medicine, there are several ways to obtain the essence of the herb used.

    Steeping is the easiest process as it only requires 3 to 5 minutes time. it is used on the leafy light herb.

    There is a method used on heavy herbs or woody herbs, there is a method of steaming the herb until the oils are released.

    i wont go into it. But, for steeping, you take your loose leaf, place in a sieve ball or in a sealable tea bag. pour your heated water over your herb and let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes; add honey or sweeten to desire.

    I love the mint teas. I, myself, prefer peppermint. it is very aromatic when grown, too. however, they say it is difficult to grow true peppermint from seed. Yet, i did it. Wasn't hard, at all!

    your sister,

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