why r people say when boys wears hoop earrings there gay

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    Because in the late 80's gay men started wearing small stud earrings in their right ear as a code to other gays. A quiet way of identifying their sexuality since gaydar is a myth and doesn't really work and homophobes scream, "Don't shove your sexuality down my throat!" if one was to even utter the word "gay". So the code was created as a way of communication without verbally announcing. Heterosexual males did not understand the significance of wearing the ear ring (small stud) and thought it looked cool so they started wearing a stud too. So, the truth of earring wearing had to come out. Then the code became, left ear straight, right ear gay. The code no longer applies. Now men wear earrings in any ear or even both. Some people are still stuck to the old code and call any man wearing earrings gay because they're ignorant and don't understand the code no longer exists.

    Now I'm not sure what you mean as hoops. If they are the large round thin hoops like women wear, then they are probably cross dressers, hetero men in touch with their feminine side and like to dress as women. I do not believe I've ever seen a man wearing large hoops like that unless they were on stage and getting paid to dress like a woman and wear large woman's earrings.

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