what is the roll of bad stomac bacteria

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    To make you sick.
    Role of Bacteria in the Stomach
    The stomach plays a vital role in the body's digestion of foods but requires a high level of acid to break down these foods. Most of the work is performed by acids and enzymes called peptidases. A mucous substance is naturally produced and emitted by the stomach to protect itself from these high levels of acid. Normally, the only bacteria that can survive in this environment are the healthy types that your body needs.

    Helpful Stomach Bacteria
    Helpful bacterial organisms that thrive in the stomach are called beneficial organisms. These healthy bacteria play a vital role in breaking down minerals, vitamins and complex carbohydrates in proper form for the body to use. They also act as a shield against any unhealthy bacteria. Some of the types of healthy bacteria that can be found in the stomach include veillonella, bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. The chemical processes that these healthy bacteria produce also help the stomach to maintain healthy pH levels.

    Harmful Stomach Bacteria
    Although most bacteria found in the stomach are beneficial, harmful bacteria can harbor there as well. These bacteria are commonly called pathogenics. The most common type of harmful bacteria found in the stomach is Helicobacter phylori, which invade the protective mucous layer on the stomach. These bacteria can cause inflammation and infection. In some individuals, complications resulting in prolonged Helicobacter phylori in the stomach can include ulcers, gastritis and dyspepsia. Other harmful stomach bacteria can include salmonella and E. coli.

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