Can you feel God?

    God is not a person. God is the network of minds called the collective unconcious, which is probably hooked into higher and higher network layers connnecting people of higher worlds. The whole network has an inherent intellect, which could be called god. All this is accessed by the higher part of your mind, which exists outside of the body, since the brain is an antenna. I make all this speculation with no greater authority than those who claim to talk to God. The question is, can you feel him, or it?

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    Him I suppose you would have to had the experience yourself to truly understand. Anyone who hasn't experienced (something) firsthand can only (imagine) what it is like for someone else. You can speculate or guess, but until you have experienced it for yourself you will never truly comprehend what someone else has experienced. Even then you may have a different conclusion as the guy next to you.

    Yes. Sometimes more than others, but always. 

    I hope so.  And so can this ladybug.


    There's no friend like the lowly Jesus, no not one, no not one. God Bless!

    Yes, I feel Him working in my spirit almost every waking moment. My feelings are no proof to anybody but myself. All I know is that everything I feel is in perfect harmony with what the scriptures say I will feel if I choose to follow Jesus.

    The difference between your "speculations" and my "feelings" is the bases thereof. Your speculations are based on ????? My feelings are based on 66 books and letters written by forty different men spaning over some 3-4000 years who all pointed to One God and a Messiah to save the people from their sins. All of whom claimed to speak for God and proved it through prophecies or miracles and without contradictions between them. That is a miracle in itself! Forty different men all saying the same message, and many of them getting killed for it.

    No, your theory and Chrsitianity is quite the distance apart when it comes to having some bases.

    Yes, everyday. In the wonders of nature as it renews itself, coming to life.

    Every waking moment. I trip from time to time, and he always picks me up and dusts me off.

    I definitely feel God(Jesus).There have been so many situations in my life when I felt hopeless, but when I go to Jesus and ask for his love and protection,he is always there,protecting me,loving me and giving me the strength to pull through,so whenever I ask myself how and the heck did I make it through all that,I know it's him,always catching me when I fall,always making a way for me.(Jesus is love).



    I not only feel Him, I talk to Him daily........

    Accept the free gift and you too can feel God!

    Have you ever felt that you are being watched. You look around and there they are, watching you. That is what I feel with God. I know He watches me. Its a nice feeling

    I felt his leg and he slapped my hand.        :-)



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