What can be done to make me handsome I am 57 years old and ugly in my face

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    juxst be who you are dont let anyone put you down!
    1. Wear a mask
    2. Work on radio
    Ask Charles Bronson how he dealt with his face.
    You may be a nice person. Let your personality shine. Usually, ugly men get the good looking women. Be happy.
    Got no magic mirrors in my house, wish I could pull a few years off this Mug.
    Does anyone besides yourself say you are ugly? If you married, ask your spouse her/his opinion. If they think you need improvements, discuss it and see what can be done. Different clothes and hairstyles can make a big difference. Usually we are our biggest critic.
    lol, your 57 YEARS OLD, okay i'm not saying that it's THAT old, but seriously, out of all the 57 years of your life, why are you considering to become HANDSOME NOW. Chill down, people don't care much about the looks nowadays, more like they care about your character, your sense of humanity and humour. your personality is what makes you up as an individual, not the way you look. i say be yourself, be who you are, look at yourself proudly in the mirror and say this is who i am and i'm not changing for no one. Life is short, enjoy it in other ways. ways that you would be proud of one day :)
    plastic surgery?
    A bucket over my head doesn't work

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