Why are the clothes from our Dryer wrinkled?

    We have a gas dryer that has recently been leaving the clothes very wrinkled. They are completely dry and everything (heat, blower, exhaust vent, etc.) seems to be working perfectly. It is a good fully featured Maytag model.

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    I, have found when this happens to me that I, have left them in the dryer too long and the heat has set the wrinkles, also, the heat on the dryer is to high (hot) and that sets wrinkles, one more idea is that you have too many clothes in the dryer to allow for the clothes to toss around with air.Something you might want to try is a tennis ball in the dryer, also, take your clothes out when they are damp dry and either lay them flat on the bed/table, etc. or hang.Clothes that left to dry all the way through will ruin the fiber and clothes wear out sooner, also, too many clothes in the washer will not be clean thoroughly. This comes from the mother of four children, 15 grandchildren and one husband. Hope it helps. Oh yes, put a tad bit of softner in the rinse water or go cheap (I do) and put a cap full of conditioner for your hair on a wash cloth and put that in the dryer. Works for me.


    Thank you. I will suggest the above to my wife ... who has been a professional housekeeper for nearly 40 years. Wish me luck :o)

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