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    I drove 3 hours to be with my mom for a minor surgery... my dad has lung cancer and my brother has moved in to help take care of them... after I got here I found out my 3 hours away has her first band concert tomorrow night... Mom will be out of surgery and at home but I told mom that I would be her till fri night... should I stay with mom or go to daughter concert?

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    Stay with mom. I'm sure your daughter will have another concert. See if a friend can go and record it for you. Or if she has a friend who can record it. You're mom and dad both could use you and may enjoy having you around right now. I'm guessing your daughter gets to share stuff with you all the time.

    she does... I sub and volunteer at her school.. we are very close.

    Then I'm sure she loves you and her gram enough that she won't mine you missing her concert to look after gram. Someday it might make it easier for her to decide to do the same for you ;)
    stay with Mom, b/c you won't always have your mom with you; but ( probably) , you'll always have your daughter with you.
    I'm sure your daughter would understand if you explained the reason for not turning up at her performance. You're setting a good example for her.

    ty... she is a loving and compassionate young girl... she would understand. Sometimes I don't... It is so hard to let down ppl who think you HUNG THE MOON.

    I guess so.
    Would there be any chance you could ask your Mom what she thinks? She may want you to be with your daughter, but then I'm going by what my Mom would do...I don't actually know your Mom and the dynamics of your family.

    mom loves my kids more than life... and is more proud of the mother I am than anything else in the world... she is extrememly well takin care of by my brother... I mainly came down so my dad would not be home alone... he is very ill. and I didnt want my brother to have to worry about who he need to be with... She told me that I should go home if my daughter needed me..

    Well, that is a bit awkward, but I can see the side that mycatsmom and Colleen have. Maybe you could talk to your daughter and explain your predicament. She may tell you to be with Grandma. the end you need to do what your heart tells you to.
    Your mother is one person whom you will only see so much in the rest of her life. Stay with your mother. your daughter will come to understand. Your daughter will have many concerts. On her best night, you will be there to cheer her on. But, stay with mom, she needs you by her side and would appreciate having your company before you leave on Friday.

    Your sister,

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