how do i not let it get to me ?

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    You've got it. When my mother felt down, she would tell herself that it will pass. It won't last.

    She used to get up everyday and sing 'Oh What a Beautiful Morning'.
    ed shank

    A similar tune comes to me every single morning in the shower, it's from the sixties "Woke up this morning feelin fine". It starts my day off right.
    Smile and say: tomorrow is another day.
    when something is on the vergue of getting to me i stop and ask myself.... is this going to affect me tomorrow? next week? next year... if not ... it is not worth the energy now to worry about it.
    What goes down, must come up.
    Pray about it.

    Don't you think God already knows amp33's troubles? What's the point? One needs to beg for help to get it? Seems kind of lame to me.

    prayer is wonderful.. I have to admit i have been detatched from my faith. I have it I trust It but I am just so overwhelmed with worldly things that I am weak. I know I can find peace and understanding on my knees I have just lost the will to kneel.
    Headless Man

    Jesus prayed, you think God didn't know His needs.
    Jesus is our example.
    Headless Man

    God understands we are human Jenn. God Bless
    singing is great. i have lyrics to some songs on the computer and i just wail it out. dancing is good. QA board is wonderful for distraction. TV is good. i think the answer is distract, distract, distract. right now i'm in a spot where i too am thinking"how do i not let it get to me?" amp33, we are in the same place. i think it's just gonna get to us. maybe tomorrow it will be better. knowing other people are having the same problem helps too. good luck. your question brought a big response so i am giving you your first thumb up. come back and let us know. k?

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