Why am I laughing at you?

    You've probably done something in your life or even recently that warrants me laughing at you. Tell everyone what it is!

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    One time I was at a restaurant and my friends and I were a little drunk, o.k. maybe a lot drunk and I decided to make them all laugh. When my steak came to the table I grabbed it with my hands and started biting and tearing at it like a wild starving dog, and making growling noises.

    Well, most of the people within sight or ear range were looking at me like I was extremely disturbed and we all just cracking up, I even think that one of my friends peed her pants. I'm sure I scared a few of the people there some of them had the most peculiar looks on their faces . Maybe they thought I was part werewolf or something?
    I not know?
    Because you're a dope, I'm laughing at you.
    I'll get back witcha. Ain't funny at the moment. I have a serious mein.

    Why am I laughing atchoo?
    i farted and it smelt like peanutbutter think thats funny huh do ya punk you people make me sick.just kidding have a nice day

    feel free to use it any time
    same reason were laughing at you,
    Wasted my time answering your question?

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