What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?

    Waking up inside a dream, then waking up inside another dream...for 10 or 20 times/layers for me. What about you?

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    I had a dream i was married for 14 years.Then i woke up and found out i really was.


    17yrs here it seems like just a few months... good dream. I never wanna wake up.

    Ms Sinclair

    LOL. Hope it wasn't a nightmare.



    zigmud fraod (?) said yor dreams are your fantises...who fantises about falling off a cliff


    hahahahahaah, true that , happened so many times ,,,hahahaaha

    I dreamt my car muffler broke and i woke up exhausted.

    Ms Sinclair

    Ha ha ha ha


    thanks raider for the editing,not to good at grammer although i graduated highest in my class : 6foot 2 inches!!

    Sorry Mindblade, you don't have to close the question, I just thought the phrasing of it was really negative.
    At the time, there were two or three other similar questions. I like almost all of your answers.
    Hope there's no hard feelings. Did you see the coyote picture question? I took back my down vote after you replied back, once again, I apologize.

    Hey Mb, I left you a reply up there. Hope we good.


    Yah, we're good. Thanks for the apology


    cool, no problemo

    Years ago I had a dream that a vampire was chasing me, we were both driving corvettes and he was throwing Molotov cocktails, I finally stopped a fought with him and finally killed him with a wooden stake threw his heart. That one seemed very real with vivid color, I remember a castle and very green grass.
    Another on I went in to an old house and could never go back the way I came in and went threw about 50-100 wrecked rooms with a Sasquatch like monster chasing me. I had that one lots of times sometimes years apart, maybe because I never completed it and always realized I was dreaming and woke up? Maybe I shouldn't have run? I only saw the monster once in a while, most of it was trying to find a way out of the room I was in and seemed to be going deeper and deeper in to this giant building....weird is a good word for
    A lot of short ones seem to relate to things that really happen in a few hours or days. Wish I could tap in to that more/better.
    Are you writing a book or movie?
    Yours sounds bad like my Sasquatch rooms.


    Yah, I'm writing a book. Also I had a dream that I was helping to transfer everyone's souls into AI androids. I even transferred myself. It felt weird and cold, almost like halfway dying

    Roger Willcoe

    Maybe you are?

    Years ago I had a dream that I believe I'll never forget:

    I was sitting at a grand piano and was about to play a piece by J.S. Bach. And he was there, standing behind me! I got so nervous I blanked, and screwed up. I went "Sorry, Sir, I'll go again." And I tried again, and screwed up again. So I repeated: "Forgive me, Sir. Let me try once more." But Mr. Bach had already gotten really pissed and began to shake his head, muttering repeatedly: "Nonono, that's not good, that's not good." When I wanted to start again, he took my scores away. I panicked: "No, Mr. Bach, PLEASE, let me do it again!!!" But he just went: "That's not good, that's not good." and moved away from the piano, heading for the door. I was still whining: "Mr. Bach, Mr. Bach, PLEASE!!!" And he left through the door: Nono, that's not good." I bolted out after him, but there was just an endless corridor with dozens of doors. Mr. Bach was nowhere to be seen. I opened one of the doors. Behind it lay an overcrowded soccer stadium. I began searching for that white, curly wig among all those heads, but of course I didn't make it out anywhere. Then I woke up, bathed in sweat.

    I don't know whether that was Mr. Bach's spirit telling me I was useless at the keyboard, or whether it was a personification of my fears as a musician. I guess the latter is the correct interpretation.

    Anyways, I am now a graduated pianist.

    Have sweet dreams all of you,


    Its always in our dreams that our fears and insecurities seem to bubble to the surface eh? I'm insecure about being powerless, so naturally I have dreams of slaying monsters with a plethora of mystical powers.


    "It is in the idleness of our dreams that the submerged truth sometimes comes to the top."
    Virginia Woolf

    Roger Willcoe

    Wild dream Papitou.

    Maybe your piano teacher was a bit of a taskmaster and you wanted to soccer?

    Maybe J.S. Bach was in search of a fierce defending soccer player and was in the cello suite.

    Tuba or not tuba that is the Original father of harmony.

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