i have had a pool for 20 yrs. it collapsed. bought a new one, needed permit. denied because code changed on distance from property line. old pool was 3ft, now want 10, but my yard isn't large enough to be 10 ft from both property lines. i'm going to request a variance. should i be granted?

    same size pool

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    One purpose of the variance is so that emergency vehicles can get to any point of your house (front, back, side rear) if need be. You may not get approved because of that.
    Did it empty into your neighbour's garden and destroy their plants? That's what happened to me years ago. It came rushing down the slope and driveway like a waterfall. Did they say sorry? No, of course not. I would suggest you go to the local swimming pool and ditch the pool.
    You will not be granted a variance. Save your $600.00 it's non-refundable. I'm in Pennsylvania but setbacks are pretty much the same all over. Colleen is right.
    If you can claim a medical reason for the pool, then you have a chance.

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