Are you obsessed with this site?

    I've been obsessed with this site for 10 days now. I might lose interest after a while, like with a fad, and then come back later. What about you?

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    I liked it at first, I like to help people when I can and like to be helped by intelligent people.Lately we've been getting idiots and racist on this site. I'm beginning not to like it. I like people like Raider and Pamela, they are intelligent people.


    <a href="/users/997/spaceghost/">@Spaceghost</a> & <a href="/users/2363/mindblade16/">@Mindblade16</a> - Let the good, outweigh the bad. We are needed to show some balance of power. We have the power of influence. As the old saying goes...we don't die, we multiply. Have A Great Day!!!


    yah, Pamela rocks.

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    I left Pamela, Spaceghost and Jenn a little note below as well as my last TU! For you guys. Thanks


    Thanks Pamela, like Mindblade says " YOU ROCKS", AND A VERY INTELLIGENT YOUNG LADY.

    I like coming here because reading many of the comments and answers by some of my favs like , raider, SG , jenn , pam , colleen and a few others make me smile and feel good inside. THANKS TO ALL YOU GUYS


    Thank you so much banksizit, I appreciate the comment. I try to ask questions that spark an interest and I try to answer questions with intelligence and from the heart. I'm sure that I speak for some of your other favorites, that we ENJOY your input answering questions and the questions you ask. YOU are one of US, WE are family here. THANK YOU AND THUMBS UP MY FRIEND .

    Hey Spaceghost, Pamela and Jenn, you are all great. I am getting to involved and am going to Mexico for the next six days w/ no computer or even a cell phone. Any TU while I am away will be much appreciated. That is if any of mu Q or A are worth a crap! Luv you all.


    <a href="/users/99/raider8763/">@Raider8763</a> - Love ya, back, and you know we got your back! You will be missed, enjoy your trip, with a safe return!!!


    You are always worth much more than crap!!! You are loved! Have a safe and wonderful trip.


    Raider we are going to miss you man, but have a good trip and please be careful, giving you a thumbs up for this. Luv you too my man.

    I do enjoy my time on here. I try these days to have fun and try to give others a laugh if I can.

    You've made me laugh ;)

    If you want a laugh look at my answer on how to know a male bald eagle. I even laughed at my own answer There are two answers

    I like to spread any knowledge I might have. That may not be much, but if I can help someone, then I feel good.


    That's a good attitude, I like that, thanks Randy.

    I haven't been on here much lately, I just can't get that into it like I used to be, to many stupid questions, sorry to say...

    Many of the newer questions you can't even understand what the people are trying to ask. It's a more sterile atmosphere here than the old site, I don't know, it's just not the same, I'm just still let down with the new format.

    I have enjoyed talking to many of the ppl on this site. I try to ignore the goof-balls. It is good to know I am not the only one out there chalk full of wisdom...LOL (you guys are great)


    Evening ghost (well it's evening here in PA. USA) Hope all is well.


    <a href="/users/779/jenn/">@Jenn</a> - I believe we all have a lot in common and it complaints one another. So, from me to Jenn, Spaceghost, and Raider8763, BFF!!!

    Run out of votes, still a thumbs-up!!!

    Raider_retired 3_29_

    I left you and Spaceghost a little note below as well as Pamela. Thanks Also here is another TU!


    So are you Jenn, you are another one of my favorites.


    Hey BFF,Pam, Raider, Jenn, Coach, Colleen and some others to numerous to mention, LOVE YOU GUYS !!!

    "obsessed" would be putting mildly, i quit my day job just to be here, dosen't pay quite as well though, but the benefits alone are all worth the while

    it beats a kick in the balls

    ole hipster

    So ture! Especially if you are a man! lol

    oh, i'm addicted to this place. it's terrible. i must go and wash my hair in preparation for going to TARGET. i love target but maybe i love the site more. thank you who ever is in charge of it.

    I've only been doing this site off and on for a week but I'm loving the vast opinions from around the world. I agree with getting rid of some of the complete idiots who ask certain questions purely for shock value.


    Thanks coach, great input.

    I left you and Spaceghost a little not below as well as Pamela. Thanks Also here is another TU!

    i must admit i am pretty new to this site also, and while i find SOME of the questions VERY interesting,i dont often reply, i HAVE learned a lot though by just reading!!, so MANY thanks for that!!


    Roxette, thank you so much for your comments, hope you continue to support this site.

    On here more than I should be but I can put it down when I need to.
    This site is fun.. Software a bit outdated but good people here. If I like something, I usually stay with it, I'll probably hang out here for a while.. I really find it educational too, I have learned a lot from members here. This is why I really don't care if the original person that posts a question comes back or not, I gain from the answers too.. we all do..
    When I came here I was really stupid, now I'm not as stupid.. LOL
    I've just been sticking around to keep in touch with the friends I've made on this site, actually I am still pretty disappointed in the new forum.

    I seeming to have fun with the site, I like talking about old stuff,music,movies,famous people,history and american history. I also love my music trivia


    I love reading your comments and answers to the tough ques.

    I would say I am moderately addicted. I am on this site a lot either on the computers at home or office or on the go with my phone. What I like about this site is I can feel the humanity and care, the real people. I used to go on Facebook a lot but this site took over my attention more lately. I enjoy healthy debates, questions and answers, and often laughs.

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