I it just me or do you find it hard to find an interesting question these days?

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    I agree with you 100%. Read my answer below.

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    Absolutely, there has been a huge change of format and questions at the same time, it strange, but it seems a lot less personal that it once was.

    i find it hard to come across good ones. they all seem to be computer problems or distance or some other thing i have no answer for.

    I think it would be helpful if we had questions and also subjects for discussion. This would help all who needed help with whatever problems they have. Those on here who enjoy a good debate could have a section for simply debating

    we kinda do have questions and subjects, they are just hard to find sometimes. it's the questions like this that get me: can you get a 3micro dooble dorg in australia on monday morning. you have some great idea let's keep working in that direction.

    Thanks Itsmee. Another daft question was ....How o I cange a light bulb in my key rin torch. o interesting

    And can you get a 3micro doobie dorg on Monday, or would thursday be better??

    And can you get a 3micro doobie dorg on Monday, or would thursday be better??
    I think it goes in phases. I've answered one from a new member who wanted to know how the site works... Struggled with one or two others... and I'm going to bed. (It is 11.30 pm in the UK, but I'm often tempted to stay up much later.)


    Goodnight Suliz
    Ms Sinclair

    Sweet dreams.

    Thank you, Colleen and Ms Sinclair.

    I actually did go, and missing all these comments.

    I will see if I can find your new question, Fia... By the way, most people have guessed by now I'm female, but perhaps you are new to the site?
    your absolutly right often time i feel like im with tech support, i'm no good with them questions,give me some philosphicol questions ,i'll stay for hours

    think theres some real thought provokers on here,i find other peoples differing points of view interesting

    Sorry I put I instead of Is....I have looked at page after page and cant find many interesting questions.

    sometimes i post an answer that's off the wall. sometimes something comes of it, but not real frequently. keep working at it, frkiendindeed.
    Few and far between.

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