Should I write a book like the bible?

    If I wrote a book commanding people to worship me, promising eternal damnation to critics of my book, would that really be a good idea?

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    Not if you are Tiger Woods,

    Yes,you should. Fairy tale books sell quite well.

    country bumpkin

    You are sooooo bad!

    But they DO. They REALLY do.

    Yea, go for it and see if you can tell the future and tell how everything began...... The bible has several writers that over several years have passed all the skeptics like you.

    If you are really God you probably should of coarse that means we all get to crucify you Son on a cross when he gets here


    type o Your Son.

    Sure for three reasons.....

    1. If you dont use a cheat sheet

    2.You age over 900+

    3.And God tell you to do so

    Only if you have the Holy Spirit telling you what to say and are willing to go through what the other inspired writers of he Bible experienced to get their testimony out to the rest of the world.

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