If you wrote a fantasy novel, what would be the title, and what would it be about?

    I like writing little stories, and I'm working on one big one. What would you do if you had a fantasy novel?

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    an all night diner in a solarless universe.


    This question was negative one? Why would someone vote this question down, or was it a personal disagreement? I think it's a good question Mindblade, thumbs up...
    Ms Sinclair

    I'm with you leeroy. I think this is an excellent question. Maybe the person mistakenly voted this down. Anyway, TU to you Mindblade16.

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    The title of my book, "To Be Or Not To Be", it would be about "life" in general!!!

    Mine would be a love story. Not sure how it goes but it would have a happy ending!

    If I know how to write I would call it the battle between the Light and the Darkness. Make some really strong focal leader's one for Good and one for Evil. They would start to gather an army to them selves just an idea.

    Thumbs up I have done a series of paintings on this very subject, it seems to be like a major theme to most peoples lives. The choices we make between good or evil shape our personalities and effect people around us, great answer...

    Thank you I like GOOD VS EVIL books Lord of the rings
    trilogy classic GOOD VS EVIL Great movies and books
    the harbinger ...

    at 3:32 a.m. tom and nancy johnson heard a knock on their front door. they stumbled to the front of the house to peek out.

    it's the story about an evil, ghost-like girl who for some reason wants to harm this quiet, middle class couple and their two young children.
    How about a story involving Dorothy's travels after Oz? I would call it Ruby Red Shoes.

    and the readers would find dorothy (call her dotti) in a disco doing a wild dance in her ruby red shoes ... ? : ) she'd wear the shoes with a little blue and white checked mini skirt with matching suspenders. hangin' in the disco would be the lion, the tin man, the scarecrow, the witch, the grandma, the grandpa, the munchkins, oz himself, and those birds could be the band. Of course these would all be characters of real people. the name of the bar could be ONE POPPY PLACE.
    maybe this novel has been written already. if not, ms. sinclair, you're set to get ready!
    however, don't quit your day job. i've heard writing is a hard job.
    I wrote one. It's not published yet. You take the name of the story, from some wording in the story you wrote.

    do you mean like if there is a firearm over the mantle in the first chapter, somewhere later on in the novel a "firearm" will be used? (good trick for novelists)

    It's like this, If say 'a good bloke' was mentioned anywhere in the story. You could use it for a title. It doesn't have to be in the first chapter.Go and read some books and find out where they got their titles from.



    Um, yeah, but I said a fantasy novel..


    Ok, here goes...."Barack Obama: How One President Bankrupted The USA in One Term"


    You and colleen both make me laugh daily thanks to both of you and thumbs up. I appreciate your sense of humor, maybe other people don't lol,,, take care.

    @TSC - USA going bankrupt, started on George W. Bush's watch!

    those scuds were expensive!

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