whats you'r favorit time of the day?

    early morning suns rising birds chirping....mid day or bright orange sunset evenigs

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    I live on the side of a mountain overlooking the sea. The sunsets are so good so I love the night. I wish I could put a photo on for you
    country bumpkin

    You are so lucky.

    Yes country bumpkin...I am blessed.. I can walk out my door and walk up the mountain.
    Somebody once said"An hour in the morning is worth 2 in the afternoon" & I must agree.We Are up with the chooks here every day.
    Like Darci said, the time I get off work, but I'm really a NIGHT person, MIDNIGHT , SpaceGHOST.

    Congratulations, 20,000!

    Thank you SO much my friend, YOU made a BIG contribution in getting me to this point. Love you.

    You also made a big contribution in getting me points, Thanks! Love ya, back.
    I love all 24-1/2 HRS of the day.
    Early morning
    The time I get to get off work.
    I’m up at 5:30AM nearly every day and love it.
    I love getting up early in the summertime to grab a cup of coffee and sitting out on the porch and watch the sun come up. So beautiful and quiet that time of the morning, no traffic, no people up.

    I had a graveyard sift job for 5 years security guard it made me a night owl ""


    Thank for the thumb ups
    Night person.
    Bed time. Love sunsets too. If you haven`t see the sun set on Uluru you have not lived. Uluru being the Aboriginees` name for Ayres Rock in Central Australia.

    I've had the pleasure of seeing many sunrises living on the east coast, and they are beautiful. The only problem is I am a night person and most of the time I had been up all night or just got up early to go fishing.

    Sunsets are just as beautiful, sometimes more, but they both hold different symbolic meanings for me. The most beautiful sunset I've ever seen was in the Florida Keys, I can still picture it in my mind. The favorite sunrise I viewed was with my high school girlfriend. We rode bikes down to the beach to watch them sometimes.

    It's beautiful watching the sunrise over the ocean.

    Oh yeah, I'm a romantic too. I love the sunset's as well as sunrises on the rare occasion I'm awake. They are best shared with someone special.

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