what would you be willing to die for?

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    I'll die for God & family,and anyone who's in danger.




    You be must still alive since you wrote,I Didn't say miracle
    My children without even a thought. They deserve a life full of love, learning and growing.

    Definately my family/

    God, My wife and family. If in the army I would die for my team.

    My Family and Animals

    Family and close friends.

    I don’t consider the risks of saving someones life as relevant to any situation. I know when people are pretending to be in danger and when the situation is real and how real. I would let a drowning man drown if they fight me knowing I can save them when they go unconscious. Some would knock them out which is a kindness but some would rather struggle on while I shout encouragement and suggestions about what they need to do. Most folk who are fighting to stay up are in a panic and are not mindful of their actions. You let them regain their sensibility and work for saving their own life and you’ve done better than dragging them to shore in a panic.



    is that your cat? or a new dance?

    My son.....

    For God and my family.

    You know full well Oliver is my cat ......


    my cats name is peaches, why i dont know he's more like a peeper he always spices things up!

    My cat's name is "Peeve" as in pet peeve. I don't much like her so ...

    Family & friends.

    perhaps in all truth it should be.... life,liberty,&the pursuit of happiness.

    My life is my own. I am here for some reason. I couldn't give my life away. I am braced for thumbs down. 

    I like the name peaches I think that is nice.....

    The truth  ( The human race )

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