How do you feel about America?

    Are you an American? If yes, do you have pride in being an American? Why?

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    love it enough to die for, that and god

    Daren you are so right my friend........
    America is in others business when there in an earthquake, tsunamis, flood, starving, aids, sick people and unjust leaders we are the first to help and I'm damn proud to be an America.
    I love America, and its beyond amazing!
    Love it or leave it.
    I am proud to be an American,I wouldn't want to be anything else,are we,but I still take pride in my country and all it was built on,it doesn't get any better than that.:)
    Well, now, I'm not American, but I'd feel embarrassed about being one. That's because you're always in someone else's country. And we dummies follow the leader. I don't know when the penny will drop, for our Prime Ministers. I look at America as the new Rome.

    well said GOOGIE i'm with you!

    eegplant your absolutely right we never should have gotten involved when the Japanese bombed pearl harbor.. We should have just said you bad boys don't do that again Then people like you and the countries you come from wouldn't have to worry about the USA nowadays. You could be rotting under Hitlers empire or worst. YOU Damn right we'll stick our nose in other countries business to try and stop something like that on that level again.

    I think eggplant has a point, that we are involved in to many areas or countries business. Why are we still in Libya? We are wasting billions and billions policing the world, let the U.N. handle it. I'm tired of us wasting tax payers money on other countries when there are so many problems we need to fix at home...
    I love the country and wouldn't want to live anywhere else, but I believe the country has been on the wrong track for the last several presidential terms. The people need to get involved and take back our country, making it great once again.

    We have tons of oil, but we can't drill for it, China and Cuba are drilling taking our oil while we sit back and do nothing, there's just to much red tape involved in government, we need to simplify it and do whats best for the country. Environmentalists have tied the hands of our industries, we need to get out there and drill safely.

    I love America!!! I am not all that fond of many of the politicians. I am proud of our service men and woman who serve around the world in aide, combat and training. There is no greater love than that of a man who will lay down his life...
    I am Venezuelan by birth and american by adoption and I have to say that there is not other country like USA, Like Darci 13 said it .... "Love it or leave it" There are tons of people that don't like america including some americans thenselves, but me ? I will die for it.

    well said. we don't have to like everything going on here but we have the right to say so. try that in some other country and you may end up getting shot along with your whole family

    Gary, I could not have say it better. Right on !

    If you are Venezuelan by birth, you are American by birth.

    I stand corrected. I was born in South America and now I am North American
    America! America!
    God shed his grace on thee
    And crown thy good with brotherhood
    From sea to shining sea!

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