How to crate train my dog

    My 3 month old female bichon is difficult to housebreak.

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    Here's what I did with my last puppy. I bought a wire enclosure that was about 8 feet long and 4 feet tall. I hook one end to the wall and the other end to the back of the crate. This allows the puppy to sleep in the crate and I put papers outside the crate but around the corner from the doorway, to pee and poop on. The food stayed near the doorway.

    He learned to eat outside the crate and then go around the corner to the papers to pee and poop. I also made sure that he was taken out every 30 to 60 minutes while outside the fenced in area so as not to make mistakes in the house.
    worked at a pet hosopital for 12 years...most crates are too big! pet should only be allowed to turn around and sit down, very small space (they don't mind) they are pack animals. no food or water in the crate, with no room to pee and poop, they won't defile their living me..
    Most dogs won't go win in a crate, get her out ever hour or two and take her out then and she will learn to go don't put back in the crate until you let her out, unless you just did and she will learn to go to the door when she needs to go. most will learn to love the crate unless to small, it will become her safe place when she wants to rest and be left alone.
    There are always exceptions but be patient and she will learn, a treat is good to give when she has done her job and comes back in.
    We are having the same problem with our 2 poms.. They are 4 mo old.. Our iggest mistake is giving them open feeding. (food out all day)... We found out that we should feed them 3 times a day..... for us it will be... 6 3 and 6.... They are crate trained but at soon as the door opens they are lettting it go... Good luck!!! I will check back and let you know how our new plan goes.
    Headless Man

    Sounds like you're keeping them in to long and remember no water in crate.
    Some time hours can get away but you need to take them out often and on a set time until they can let you know.

    they are out to the potty at 6 am 11.45 am 3.30 pm until about 10 at night. when i go to bed. as much as they rumble around in that crqte together water wouldnt last half a sec. And the boy has excitement peepee.

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