A Myriad of Gods?

    A myriad of Gods and Goddesses are out there in the spirit world. The question is, what makes one better than another? The god of abraham said not to put any other gods before him, insinuating that there are others. If I told you not to eat anything else but cheeseburgers, and that that idea was 2k years old, would you listen? Or would you not listen to my counsel and eat a variety of good meals at various slow food restaurants? Ok, that's 2 questions, lol.

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    Most Greeks considered Uranus to be primordial and gave him no parentage, but rather being conceived from Chaos, the primal form of the universe,

    God is not a "thing" by any means as men call things, things.  Yet God is the Father of all things, by his idea of them, including men.  Yet He is not a thing for He resides in his own Idea.   Thus is He beyond name for He is not a thing to be named.  This for want of a true definitation the Ineffable.  But we men need references to understand therefore let it be gloriously God, for the focus thereof is ever His Goodly Image on the World and in Earthlife   ;-) .

    Counterdiction and Hypocrisy are interchangable words.

    All such Gods'Angels, dominions, etc. are but symbols and personifications, of the powers and forces in their myrid of expressions. Things men behold every day without thought or contemplation, save the few. Whereas down through the Ages they have received their references via men who need references that they might have focus in a material world.   Thus it is the One God has many and diverse names in this world, known and unknown, as do his powers.

    Only one GOD, but you can worship anything you choose.( other Gods)


    There. You just contradicted yourself.

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