how do you make money

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    Get a job.
    ed shank

    Never again, trust me.
    Ms Sinclair

    I hear you. I wish I could afford to quit mine:-(
    I stopped working at 49. Just got tired of it, same shit day in day out. Looked around one day and watched everybody chasing their tails, then I realized I was doing the same thing, I cleaned out my desk told my boss to send me my check and the rest is history. I live primarily on savings and rental property that I own. I also build high performance motors from time to time and make a few bucks doing that, it's mostly a hobby. Life is good now.

    good for you

    yea totally agree work and dont for get to take time out and enjoy
    i wish i could do it the same way as the us goverment, by hitting the print boton, unfortunitly i got to work at it doing construction
    Get a real job.

    In this economy where the unemployment problem is structural and not the lack of money supply, the traditonal way to make money is fast going out the window. A livable wage is regulated to those with connections and the elite. What may help is to network, hang out with the rich, follow the money trail, but keep your integrity, money isn't everything but it helps.

    Usually I use the photocopier, but the quality is poor, and it looks like board game money.  So with that not going to work, I suggest as others have that "Education is the Key".  Further your education if possible, if not, take on a job which offers training in an apprenticeship type of arrangement for a trade.  Save some (not in the bank), but invest as you can.  You will get there someday, set goals and work hard for them.  Do not stray from a plan, live a good clean life, avoid bad habits, and keep at it.  Look for an elder who can be a mentor to guide you by example, if possible.  Good luck.  

    I make money by working 40 hour a week and receiving a check at the end of every week.
    Is the question,"How do I make money, or how can you make money?"

    I made money gradually and over time with lots and lots of hard work. If I were talking to another person I would tell them to go to school and get as many degrees as they possibly could. Most people with a masters degree or Doctorate make more money than people with lessor degrees of education. Just pick a subject that you love or really like and go for it.

    The reason I said most is because some eventually become disabled or have lost their jobs due to a horrible economy. The only other reason I can think of is that the choose a field that doesn't pay well or very few in their field earn top pay. Hope this helps?
    I'll let you know when I get there..
    To make serious money you need money. So first try saving. Take a good look at expenses and cut, cut, cut-back. Down-size, once you have $500 invest in penny stocks. There is alot of help on the internet when it comes to advice in picking penny stocks. The whole racket is 99% psychology and trends and 1 % technicals.
    I took $550 in November of 2010 and now I sit on $148,360.00.
    I don't own a car, I take the bus and rent cars for travel. I rent a small apartment with my cat and don't own a house. When I reach 1 million that's when I will "step-up" in life and live off the interest in a conservative investing atmosphere. I also put my profits in platnauim and silver. Took a beating recently, but I am still ahead. The dollar will eventually become worthless, that's why you should put your profits from penny stocks into commodities, they will rise again.

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