why my lover would cut me off each time I told him to leave me alone

    Why are men and women so annoying?
    Do people no longer fight for love?

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    What are you complaining about? He left you alone, be happy and find someone else. Leave the poor freak alone!
    if you have to fight for love is that really true love
    You told him to leave you alone and then complain that he cut you off? Are you sure you have this worded correctly?
    He did what you'd asked him to do, what else should he be doing?

    I guess she was expecting him to grovel at her feet and beg her to take him back. She found out he didn't value her like that and walked, just as she told him to. Well that's what comes from playing games to test anothers feelings. Sometimes you don't like what you find out.
    Hmm. this is also part of my study. Well Asked Daren. My parents say that in order for a marriage to be a good one it is "hard work".. surely fighting is hard work as well as the making up sometimes? they have notched 55 years of hard work and call it "true love".
    Totally hypthothetical question to gauge resonses to a much BIGGER question... but it served its purpose. People fight and some fight back... and others walk. Helped with a thesis. Thanks. Psychology sucks.. :)

    It helps when people ask for a full story but strange that so few do.. surely if everyone got to know each other properly, no one would fight in the first place?

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